This is an evolving discography of titles that are released and available to the

public.  There are many titles still awaiting release.


Kendy Gable – Mountain Fields (Oct 2012) – (Recorded and co-produced four songs on her album)

Pharoahe Monch – Damage (Single) (Sep 2012) – (I tracked some of Pharoahe’s vocals)

Silas Fermoy – Chatpers (Sep 2012) -(Tracked drums, mixed)

Talib Kweli and Z Trip- Attack the Block Mixtape (Sep 2012)- (Tracked vocals and instuments on a few songs, string arrangement for “Fly Away”)

Rizzle Kicks – “Epic Dreamers” (single) (Aug 2012)- (I recorded Pharoahe Monch’s Verse)

The Ugly Club – You Belong To the Minutes (July 2012) – (Tracked drums, rhythm guitars, vocals)

Calotype – Coastal Preferences (May 2012) – (Recorded vocals, guitars, Bass) / Gilbert Gottfried – “Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades of Grey” (May 2012) – (Recorded all Gilbert’s voice over)

Shock Radar – Systematic EP – (May 2012) - (Recorded tracks and basic mix for “Octavos” and drums on “Systematic”)

Werewitch  – Holy Blood EP (April 2012) – (Tracked and mixed entire EP)

Talib Kweli and Mr. Len – We Run This Vol. 7 (Feb 2012) – Tracked “The G in Me,” “I’m on One (remix),” “First Time,” “Let Em In,” “Gmb,” “So Disgusting,” “Go Now.”

Break Science – Monolith Code (Jan 2012) – (Recorded drums on “Light Speed Transit”)


Hellpit Faeries (Jean Grae and Mela Machinko) -Jingle Fucking Bells (Dec 2011) – (Recorded and mixed)

Black Star – “Fix Up” (Single)  (Dec 2011) – (Recorded Yassin’s and Talib’s Vocals)

Talib Kweli – Distractions (Dec 2011) – Tracked Kweli’s vocals.

Chairlift – “Sidewalk Safari” (Nov 2011) – (Recorded the live performance of this live video shoot)

Idle Warship – Habits Of the Heart (Nov 2011) -  (Tracked most of album, string arrangement on “Rat Race”)

DJ Shadow – The Less You Know, The Better (Oct 2011) – Recorded Kweli’s verse on “Stay The Course”

Rubber Skunk – Rubber Skunk (Oct 2011)- (Co-produced, tracked album)

Blake Ian – “The Road” (Single) (Oct 2011)- (Co-Produced, Tracked)

Blame Gilder – The Threat of Guests (Sep 2011)- (Produced and tracked album, sang backgroud vocals)

Jake Incao – Till The Heavens Cry (single) (Aug 2011)- (Co- produced and recorded and mixed)

Kyle Rapps  – On Air EP (July 2011) – I tracked Talib Kweli’s verse on the lead single “Universe Traveller”

Jean Grae – Cookies or Comas (June 2011- (Tracked vocals, mixed a few songs)

The Kobolds – EP II (May 2011)- (Produced and tracked EP, sang background vocals)

The Lesser Ghost – The Lesser Ghost EP (April 2011)- (Tracked all basics – Drums, Bass, Guitar)

Pharoahe Monch – W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) (Mar 2011)- (Background Vocals and tracked all other vocals for “The Grand Illusion (Circa 1973)”)

Jake Incao – “Miles Away” (single) (Mar 2011)- (Co- produced and recorded all live instruments)

Devotchka – 100 Lovers (Mar 2011) – (Recorded Mauro Refosco’s percussion parts for half of the album)

Talib Kweli, Strong Arm Steady and Chace Infinite – Accountable (Feb 2011)

Talib Kweli – Gutter Rainbows (Jan 2011)- (Recorded most vocals and alot of live instruments for this album)

Break Science – Further Than Our Eyes Can See (Jan 2011)-(Recorded Talib Kweli’s vocals on “The Alliance”)

Thomas Bryan Eaton – When You’re Dancing (Jan 2011) – (Tracked most of this EP, additional mixing)


Talib Kweli and Lloyd Banks – Back It Up (Start It Up Freestyle) (Dec 2010) – Tracked Talib Kweli’s verse


Various – Blacksmith Community Mixtape (Dec 2010) – (Engineered vocals for some tracks on this mixtape)

David Lott – Gates of Brooklyn (Sep 2010) - (Produced, Engineered, Drums, Background Vocals)

Sonia’s Party – Party O’ Clock (June 2010)- (Engineered “Major Transfer Point”)

Hunters, Run! – Numero Tres (May 2010)- (Produced, Engineered, Background Vocals)

Mel Flannery Trucking Co. – As It Turns Out (May 2010)- (Recorded Vocals and Mixed for entire album)

Eric Krasno – Reminice (April 2010)- (Assisted on some sessions especialy on “76″)


Idle Warship – Party Robot  (Oct 2009) (Assisted on “Steady” and “Systematic,” recorded vocals for those tracks)

Ledisi – Turn Me Loose (Sep 2009) – (Assisted on sessions for “Say No” and “Knockin”, tracked vocals)

Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank – Traveling Show (Aug 2009)- (Engineered most of the album including all basic and Marco Benevento’s and Jon Graboff’s parts)

Hunters, Run!- EP2 (July 2009)- (Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Background Vocals fr entire EP)

Wakey! Wakey! – War Sweater EP (May 2009) – Engineered session for “Blame You.”

Hunters, Run! – Numero Uno (Jan 2009)- (Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Background Vocals for entire EP)