Below is a small selection of work I have done ranging across all genres.  I have taken tracks I have recorded for artists, projects that came from Avatar Studios and songs that people made in Garageband. My process utilizes a combination of both in the box and analog gear to create a large sound in consultation with the artists who request my services. I can just warm it up slightly or get very granular and reprint tracks through my gear.  For questions regarding my process, just drop me a line or even better come out to the studio so I can play you examples.


  • Ponyboy & The Shiners – “Nothing Sacred” (Mixed)
  • KevRio & The Dashing Gents – “Tippy Top” (Tracked, Mixed, Produced)
  • Alejandro Meola and the Robinsones – “Black Feathered Angels” (Tracked, Mixed, Vocal Production)
  • Particle – “I’m Awake” (Mixed)
  • Sinaloha – “Come Slowly” (Full Mix and additional production layers)
  • Zak Smith Band – “Selling Out”
  • Mela Machinko – “And Then It All Goes Away”
  • Ponyboy & The Shiners – “Waiting At the Gates” (Tracked, Mixed, Produced)
  • Sinaloha – “Surf” (Full Mix and additional production layers)
  • Thomas Bryan Eaton – “Days Will Come” (remixed drums an other elements)
  • Kitty Baby (Scott Metzger and Serena Jean) – “Footprints”
  • Zak Smith – “The Human’s Home”
  • Hunters, Run! – “Simple and Calming”
  • Zak Smith – “Amen Baby”
  • Casella  - “Open Opportunity”
  • Air Zepo! – She’s Not Like You”
  • Chime Bombs – “Speed”
  • Hunters, Run! – “If I Had Half a Chance”

If you have questions about mixing for you project, please  contact Alby Cohen at