Whether you are arriving to me with a song on acoustic guitar or you just need that final touch but aren’t sure how or who to call, I have solutions to help you get your project to that next level.
As a producer I can help build a band around your song, or if you have already recorded a lot of it, I can offer suggestions as to what other elements could fit and / or who to get in touch with regarding finishing up your project.  If you have a full album or EP in mind, I can meet you well before the studio sessions to go over pre production and format the songs with you.   I have a large list of amazing musicians whom I am friends with to fit your style and budget.  These artists range from playing from  the club next door to national arena tours.
I can be completely hands on or just in the background making sure everything is going according to plan.  It doesn’t matter whether I was there in the beginning or doing a string arrangement or just helping you get horn players in on a session for you.  The one thing I can guarantee you is that as a producer of your music, Your song is the most important thing to me and your satisfaction with the outcome is my utmost priority.
Below is a list of the bands and artists whom I have produced (and the roles I played in the production of each song).


  • Zak Smith – “Tombs Don’t Roll Back” (Full Production, Mixing, Overdub Tracking, Background Vocals)
  • Talib Kweli – “Hamster Wheel” (String Arrangement, Live Instrument Tracking)
  • Hunters, Run! – “Life of Crime”  - (Full Production, Background Vocals)
  • Idle Warship – “Rat Race” (String Arrangement, Tracking)
  • Zak Smith  - “The Human’s Home” (Full Production, Tracking,  and Mixing)
  • David Lott – “For You” (Full Producton)
  • Kobolds – “The Grind” – (Full Production)
  • Talib Kweli – “Fly Away” (String Arrangement, Live Instrument Tracking)
  • The Chime Bombs – “Speed” (Full Production and Mixing)
  • Kendy Gable – “Time” – (Co-Producer, Tracking)
  • David Lott – “Gates of Brooklyn” (Full Production, Drums, Background Vocals)
  • 12:23 – I’m OK” – (Full Production, Mixing, Tracking)
  • Audri – “Refracted” (Full Production)
  • Rubberskunk – “The New Instafunk” (feat. Nigel Hall) – (Co-Producer, Tracking)